Polygraph Services

Services are available in Texas, Central America & South America.  Se ofrecen servicios en español!

Veridicus Inc. utilizes a fusion of the most effective forms and styles of polygraph testing to administer validated and reliable polygraph examinations for government agencies, attorneys, businesses, and the general public; both in English and Spanish.

Several of the regular situations in which polygraph examinations are utilized;
Pre-Employment screening for:

  • Armored Car Services, Security Guards, Banks, Pharmacies, Government Employees and Domestic Situations
  • Marital Fidelity, Pre-Marriage, Children and Internal Investigations
  • Theft (Trade Secrets, Intellectual Property, Products, Money), Sexual Harassment, Fraud, Embezzlement and Patient validation during counseling
  • Criminal and Civil Cases to verify the statements of witnesses, plaintiffs and defendants

We perform testing at our officer or at a number of other selected locations. Please call us at 210-843-7628 to make an appointment.  For further information please email us.  During you initial call or email please be specific as to the question you need to have answered.

“Has my husband engaged in sexual relations outside of our marriage?”

“Did my employee steal my customers jewelry?”

Our professional examiners will develop a battery of questions for the examination.  You may be asked to make a deposit for your appointment. You may pay with credit card, cash or PayPal.

We proudly utilize Square Up and PayPal to process our transactions.

Authorized Axciton Representative for all of South America and other select customers.

Please call or email us to book an appointment ahead of time!